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Thread: Inevitable Collapse

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    Inevitable Collapse

    So what do you guys think, will Bleach end up shooting itself in the foot like so many animes before it?

    Growing up watching DBZ when I was younger I noticed an annoying trend which later in life I would see rise in most anime.

    In the beginning there was one character, through a series of trials and fights he will surround himself with his supporting crew, characters of equal power. As the story progresses he will get stronger exponentially while they'll develop a much more linear speed.

    The signs of this are already apparant in Bleach. Throughout most of the Soul Society arc the supporting characters were defeated or mortally crippled in their fights against the various captains they encounter. Ishida gets lucky and wins, but finds that he can no longer use his powers.

    For a while they give you hope in the form of Renji as he and Ichigo learn the secrets of Bankai together, but sadly only a short time later we see Renji reduced to a bleeding pile of defeated. (I know that seems like terrible English but its just how I talk xD)

    These characters will then take a backseat for a while as the story progresses to do pressups and regain cool points. It seems now however that Ichigo has found himself a new, more powerful group of allies - the Vizard.

    My question to you all is how long do you see characters like Chad, Ishida and Renji supporting Ichigo as he faces more more crazily overpowered enemies?

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    Re: Innevitable Collapse

    Ah you do have a point. I think that the supporting characters will be nothing more than that. supporting. the main character really doesnt need anyone, as he or she will always be the one who gains their power and experience in one episode's time while everyone else gains it in one week's worth of episode's time.

    Eventually, the story will come back and bite itself in the ass, and the supporting characters will no longer continue to develop, leaving the anime as a one man show, as almost every anime with 55 episodes or more tends to do.
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    Re: Innevitable Collapse

    Yeah, I think Bleach will shoot itself in the foot =(
    Here's how we can gauge the power Ichigo has towards the others!
    Ishida + renji < Aporro, The 8th espada while Ichigo > Grimmjow, the 6th espada. It doesn't look like much, but we've seen the huge difference between the ranks of the espada... So I'd say if Rukia, Chad, Renji, Orihime, and Ishida were to team up and try to kill Ichigo, they would fail just like SS4 Goku would own the DBZ team excluding Vegeta... I think that the Hueco Mundo Arc will be the last in Bleach, because Ichigo has already taken so much of a lead on the other characters if they make another Arc, all his friends he wants to protect will die.

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