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Thread: nel tu

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    nel tu

    nel tu or neliel is frickin awesome i never expected her tobe the ex no1 arrancar
    she totally owns and to thid that she has the hots for ichigo ......maybe not all hollows are bad after all

    any thoughts on this let me know because i must know more about her

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    Re: nel tu

    yea, she kicks ass. . . and as a little kid she's totally cute. ^_^ So far she's one of my favorite characters.

    if u want to know more about her:
    List of Bleach Espada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    if ur into the manga:
    Bleach 291 - Read Bleach chapter 291 online at One Manga
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    Re: nel tu

    I'd have to say she's more of the one's I'm not too fond over.
    Her child form can be rather irritating. Not to say she's all bad though.
    Her "Adult" form is so much more....appealing so to speak and she could totally Kick Nnoitra's ass if she could stay in it for extended amounts of time.
    So she's not too bad but not my favorite Arrancar/Espada.
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