Ninjaloader - Download Your Favorite Videos & MP3s
Ninja Loader is a good resource for the video fans. It allows to download any video and multimedia files directly into the computer. The process of video downloading goes very fast and easy, since there are only 3 functions to choose among ? to download the video completely in mp4 format, to download the audio track only (mp3 file) or just to play the video. A nice thing here is that the video can be plaid while the mp4 or mp3 file is being downloaded. It is a very good feature that allows to evaluate the quality and contents of the video file that is being downloaded. A very convenient way to double check everything prior to installation.
According to CNET rating, Ninja Loader is the highest rated software for video downloads. It is highly valued by the users due to several factors that make it stand out from the rest. The most important factor is that the software gives the opportunity to download video files from the online resources like youtube. Also with Ninja Loader it is possible to download the audio extract from the video in a form of an mp3 file. Also the tools allows the users to play the video while it is being downloaded. A very convenient option which allows to see the quality and resolution of the files that are being downloaded. A very good and convenient feature which allows not to waste the time while it is being downloaded.
A lot of Internet users recommend to use Ninja Loader as a very good tool for those who need to download video files from youtube. With Ninja Loader It is very easy to download any favorite video from youtube, pin it or other resources that feature an option to watch the videos online but usually do not have an option to download anything from the resource directly. With Ninja Loader, a software that is rated as the best tool to download videos by CNET, it is possible to download either video files completely in mp4 format, or just the audio portion of the files like mp3 audio files. The software is easy to install, and the installer can be downloaded from the official web site Ninjaloader - Download Your Favorite Videos & MP3s. Anything that is downloaded directly from the web site or with the help of the video download system is guaranteed to be free of any viruses, trojans or any other potentially unwanted software. Since the resource is certified both by McAfee and Symantec. Which also means a lot for a resource which offers free software.

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