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Thread: What should I do.

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    What should I do.

    Well I downloaded the series sevearl months ago and watched like, 10 episodes, then last week I went on a binge and watched a whole bunch... but then I was told to skip the last two episodes and go watch End of Evangelion and Death and Rebirth which I don't have plus there are movies? Okay, well I figured out that End of Eva 1 and 2 plus Death and Rebirth aren't connected to the show which is cool... but then again, I thought it was supposed to replace the last two episodes of the show because they sucked?

    I can't even say as I haven't even watched episode 25 yet (on epsidoe 24) and I really don't want to come out dissapointed I have major OCD when it comes ot things like this and everything has to got to be perfect when I watch this :P

    I have really enjoyed the series thus far, if I acutally finish it, itll be the 3rd series I've watched all the way through :3

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    Re: What should I do.

    I think the best advice is to stay the course and finish the series. Then go on to movies.

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    Re: What should I do.

    You should finish the series for sure. That way you will have another outlook on the other endings you actually have seen.

    I am still on the fence with EvA... I liked it but hated it... Perhaps I will watch it again and see how I feel

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