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Thread: Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 11 Spoiler Thread

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    Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 11 Spoiler Thread

    Currently reading the new EVA (vol 11) and itching to discuss some of the more interesting developments


    (manga is compared to the TV series... some of the "new" scenes also made the later films in one form or another)

    STAGE 71 - Adam's Descendant

    scene 1: Misato, at home, reflects on the events thus far (recap, new scene)

    scene 2: Kaworu passes Rei in the hallway and catches her arm, they have a short conversation in which Kaworu tells Rei that they both took the form of human children in order to live on Earth and that they are "the same, but not the same". He also says that she "told him (this) herself" once... (extended scene)

    scene 3: Shinji stands on the shore and listens to Kaji's final message on his cellphone... at the end, he remarks hopelessly to himself that he no longer has anyone to call a friend. Kaworu confronts him about the statement, asking if Shinji thinks of him as a friend or not. Kaworu also makes some rather cold and un-Kaworu-esque comments about the other children and their current states, implying that Shinji played a part. Shinji insists that he has no friends and doesn't want to make any more for fear of hurting or losing them. Kaworu gets angry and demands to know if Shinji has any feelings for him at all. Shinji rejects him... "I told you before, I don't love you." Kaworu presses him "that was then... what about now?" Shinji doesn't answer. Kaworu grabs Shinji's shirt, but Shinji asks him to let go... he walks away, leaving Kaworu looking troubled (new scene)

    scene 4: Gendou admits to using Ritsuko and says he has no feelings for her... Ritsuko cries and falls into dispair (same)

    scene 5: Gendou looks at Unit 001 in it's hangar and addresses it as "Yui", he tells her that the end is near and he'll be able to meet her soon enough. At the end of his speech, he opens a small box in his pocket, ingesting the small worm-like creature inside... you can see that his hand is deteriorating (new scene)

    scene 6: Kaworu consults Seele from atop one of the winged Angel-like EVAs from the films. Seele comments that he looks troubled, Kaworu says it's none of Seele's concern... Seele tells Kaworu that they must open Pandora's box before "the one who seeks power the likes of God" (presumably Gendou) "a man who would open Pandora's box before us, and close it before hope escapes." Seele points out humanity's failings and insists that humanity is a race that will continue to exist as long as hope is there for them. Seele tells Kaworu that he was made from bits of Adam's salvaged soul... but that he's not the only one (Gendou is shown in profile here). Kaworu is told that the time to act is imminent and is finally called by the name of the guardian angel "Tabris". "We entrust it to you... our hope". (extended/altered scene)


    -Kaworu has already been given a potential motive for his fascination with Shinji ~ his connection with Rei. In feeling her love for Shinji and witnessing her sacrifice, he himself may have felt the desire to know and/or transmit that love. Here AGAIN he brings up that sacrifice and implies that Shinji is somehow ungreatful for it. Are his actions in pursuing Shinji now "for Rei" by proxy? Or are they purely selfish? Is it a combination?

    -Kaworu now has three potential roles: that of "Tabris", that of "Adam" and that of "Hope". How does he fufil each?

    -Does Kaworu ~truly~ love Shinji? Does Shinji ever love him in return? While Kaworu's interest in Shinji has been made incredibly blatant (they've kissed, Kaworu is far more agressive and emotional...), the motivations behind that interest and whether it is returned or not seem to have gotten even murkier. Shinji is more disconnected than ever...

    -Is the Gendou a "good guy" or a "bad guy"? Are we supposed to be rooting for him or for Seele? Is there a winning scenario either way?

    -Which is better? A "pure", enigmatic, and gentle Kaworu who transmits innocent, unconditional love? Or an aggressive, naeive and openly-emotional one who kills kittens? ^_^; The latter is definately more "interesting", but the former seems the more thematically relevant and hopeful interpretation...
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    Re: Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 11 Spoiler Thread

    No Fair!
    I just got my hands on Volume 10 in North America, And I waited 4 years for it!

    Grrrr!!! *throws tomatos at*

    Viz Media, the license holder for the Manga in North America hasn't even announced that they're going to be releasing Volume 11 within the next fiscal quarter, let alone in 2008...

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