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Thread: Overall good anime

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    Re: Cowboy Bebop

    Quote Originally Posted by gren View Post
    Well worth the price, although I think you can find the entire series in a box set for a lot less. I would never consider myself an otaku, or even well versed enough in anime to tell others what to do, but Cowboy Bebop is so good I think everyone should at least give it a chance.
    Its ok. I already got them. Prices up here are different, and more money. Its all ok. ^^

    [add on to post]

    :O Well they could have made it longer.. not only that. They never got into Edward's storyline.

    The Music was great may I say.. um. Green Bird song. Very pretty. >.> Took forever to find; to download. :P

    Cowboy bebop has a movie to, but I don't know if the comics are good. Never touch them. :O Is the Manga better? I love the art, and I love how its open to different things, and sitiuations. That can happen, and can't. ^^

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    Re: Cowboy Bebop

    lol I'm glad somebody finally recognized my name. I agree that more could have been done with Ed, but maybe if they'd tried, she wouldn't have been as good a character as she was.

    As for the music, I love the soundtrack and Yoko Kanno too much to go into it here, so when and if this makes it into the anime series section, I'll start a thread about it. Or you can always PM me if you want to chat about the music.

    I have seen the movie, and I think it's better to watch if you're already a CB fan; otherwise, you don't really get a feel for the characters or why they make certain choices. I don't read manga (I want to, I just don't have the time), so I don't know if it's better or worse than the anime. But I can't imagine that the anime could be worse than the manga, seeing as how it's just so great.
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