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Thread: InuYasha...darn you!

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    InuYasha...darn you!

    I honestly think that the anime series has become like Naruto... long... drawn out and no end in sight.

    Mind you, it was my second anime and I love it just as much as the next raving fangirl... But it has gone on long enough in my eyes.

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    Re: InuYasha...darn you!

    yeah, you're right, and we've had a lot of threads on this, it was just toooo long. i stop reading after the 20-something volume, and then watched only the movies. i just got bored, and it gave me a head ache thinking of buying all the volumes.

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    Re: InuYasha...darn you!

    Even though it hurts me to say this, but inuyasha is too long v.v But i started reading the mangas after they stop airing it.

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    Re: InuYasha...darn you!

    yeah i have to say wiht no point to an end or a goal the show was getting boring.
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