Ninjaloader - Download Your Favorite Videos & MP3s
A great tool to download any video file which is available for online viewing only, is Ninja Loader. To start using it, one just needs to download the free application from Ninjaloader - Download Your Favorite Videos & MP3s. As soon as it is there, just open the youtube links through the application and there will appear three options of the possible actions. The user can either download the complete video file in mp4 format, or just get the extracted audio part. And also there is a feature to play the video that is being downloaded. It is a very useful option for those, who are willing to control the resolution and quality of the files that are being downloaded. Another good thing that can be noted about Ninja Loader is the fact that the installation file, as well as web site and the files that are downloaded by the users are thoughtfully checked with the anti virus tools, therefore Ninja loader is certified by McAfee and is completely free for the users. And the complete absence of the advertisements there makes it a very pleasant tool to work with.
Ninja Loader is a good option for those, who are willing to have free choice of the videos that they can download among those which are available in the internet. Including the youtube and pin it videos that usually are not available for the downloads. Ninja loader gives an opportunity to download either an mp4 version of the favorite videos or to extract sound from them and get the audio files in mp3 format. Also Ninja Loader allows to play the files that are being downloaded at the moment. It is a very convenient variant for those who are willing to control the quality and resolution of the files that are being converted. Also a good thing about Ninja Loader is that the work with the Ninja Loader is completely safe due to the fact that the installation tool, as well as the components are checked with anti virus to assure the safety of the users.

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