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Thread: Will Sesshomaru ever find TRUE LOVE??

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    Talking Re: Will Sesshomaru ever find TRUE LOVE??

    honestly i think he might be in love with Ren because look at the way he acts around her and in Inyasha the final act he was super pissed when his mom said Ren would die but when Sesshomarus mom brang Ren back to life he had a "thank god your alive"kind of smile it was kinda cool seeing him smile though he never smiles
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    Re: Will Sesshomaru ever find TRUE LOVE??

    So......what? Sesshomaru is actually raising his future wife? Freaky............where's CPS when you need them?

    Heh heh heh.......yeah. Like CPS would be able to stand a chance against Sesshomaru. "Die, you nosy bastards!!!"
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    Re: Will Sesshomaru ever find TRUE LOVE??

    I dont necessarily think sesshomarus heartless, or else he wouldnt have taken rin in in the first place, or jakken, for that matter. I think theres like a special bond going there. Who knows, maybe its love, or just simply caring, point is, he does have a heart...somewhere...

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