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Thread: OFFICIAL Mahoromatic Anime

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    OFFICIAL Mahoromatic Anime

    Mahoromatic is a comedy sci-fi about Mahoro - a former combat android. Her past life was engaged in battles and fighting evil. Driven by guilt, Mahoro has now decided to clean-up her past and become the robotic maid of her late commander's son.

    • Director: Yamaga Hiroyuki
    • Genre: Science fiction, comedy, tragedy.
    • Main Character:: Ando Mahoro (Automatic Maiden)
    • Adapted from Manga: Originally a manga and due to its popularity, Gainax then adapted it into an Anime Series.
    • Games:: Konami has released a PlayStation 2 game based on the Series.

    Mahoromatic consists of 2 Series spanning 14 episodes.
    1. Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden (12 episodes - first aired in Sep-2001)
    2. Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful (first aired in Sep-2002)
    In summer 2003, "Mahoromatic: Summer TV Special" was aired showing the story of when Minawa first became part of the family.

    Each of the above 2 seasons have since been released on 6 DVDs.

    Major Characters:

    Ando Mahoro

    Mahoro is an extremely powerful android designed by VESPER to fight the evil enemy. However, with all androids, she has a limited life. Mahoro has 370 days before her usefulness expires. VESPER has allowed her to do anything she wants in her remaining time. Mahoro's decision is to become the maid for Misato Suguru.

    Mahoro is very concerned for the upbringing of Misato Suguru due to the fact she killed his father in the line of duty. Mahoro is very friendly and yet conservative at the same time. She refuses to wear normal clothes because of her role as being the maid.

    "Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu" (Pornography and dirty thoughts is a no no) is Mahoro's favourite line and she often is seen saying this to Misato. Mahoro still has her powers from her combat days, and uses her skills to find and discard Misato's stash of pornographic magazines.

    Misato Suguru

    A Junior-High School student living in Tokyo with both parents already passed away. Relatives offered to take him in, but Misato preferred to be an independent.

    He has a high IQ of 130, and as such, the girls adore him. Misato also loves reading pornographic magazines.

    Due to the filthy state of his house, Misato decides to hire a maid - expecting an old woman to take this role. Instead, Mahoro arrives, leaving Misato with the challenge of hiding his stash of pornography from his new maid.


    Slash is the mechanical panther that used to assist Mahoro in combat. He can be summoned at anytime and now serves the role as guard dog to the Misato household and to be a friend to Misato's dog.

    He is friendly and tough and takes commands only from Mahoro and Misato.

    Shikijou Saori

    Saori is Misato's school teacher and is extremely attracted to him. She tries many ways to seduce Misato, but only to be foiled by Mahoro. She is a heavy drinker and as a result is often broke.

    Saori and Mahoro are openly competitive. Saori has much larger breasts than Mahoro, and uses this to her advantage in trying to seduce Misato.

    Mahoro gets annoyed by Saori due to her frequent self-invites to the Misato house every night for dinner.

    Oe Chizuko

    Chizuko is a cheerful, bright, blond-haired girl that loves to eat. She has an amazing sense of knowing exactly from which restaurant a dish or ingredient comes from. Chizuko loves Mahoro's cooking and will often show this with a scream of approval.

    Official Mahoromatic Website:

    Unfortunately the official Mahoromatic Anime website is in Japanese.
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    Re: OFFICIAL Mahoromatic Anime

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    'Mahoromatic' is currently licensed by GENEON USA, with both the first season ('Automatic Maiden') second season ('Something more Beautiful') and the 'Summer Special' OVA episode available on DVD

    Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden: GENEON USA website
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