Time to start my experiment.

A normal high school student, Hiraga Saito, was summoned into another world. The witch who summoned him was Louise. She was very cute, but she was very haughty, and she had no facility for magic so that she was called “Louise the Zero” because of the success rate of her magic. While he was embarrassed, Louise suddenly pushed her lips to his. Soon, mysterious letters appeared on the back of his hand, and he became her familiar spirit.
I watched the first 2 episodes without getting bored so thats good. The reason why I started watching this was that I found out my favourite seiyuu is in it. She does that maid girl in ep. 2.

The first episode looked very similar to Harry Potter. Then there is this servant thing called 'familar' which reminded me of fate/stay night. Now the duelets Louise and Saito reminds me of Asuna and Negi from Negima. Wow, will I find a forth?

I do enjoy listening to Louise voice after watching Shana since its the same seiyuu. Im just wanting to see how powerful Saito can get.