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Thread: 80s Americanized Anime

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    80s Americanized Anime

    Does anyone here remember americanized anime from the 1980s?
    Examples of these include Battle of the Planets, Ronin Warriors and Pole Position.

    Pole Position was the one I'm familiar with, it even being likely the first anime I've seen. I still have a video featuring two episodes.
    I remember Dad naming his car "Roadie" after one of the cars.

    For those who are not familiar to Pole Position, it is like a mix of Knight Rider and some action films. It centres around the crime-fighting organisation known as Pole Position, using a stunt car show as a cover-up.
    Siblings Dan, Tess and Daisy, under the guidance of their uncle, Dr. Zachery, lead this team accompanied by Roadie and Wheels, two, talking, computer-automated cars and Kuma, a genetic creature resembling a crosss between a cat and a monkey.

    Anyway, does anyone remember some of these?

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    Re: 80s Americanized Anime

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    I'm surprised you haven't mentioned the most widely known of the early 80s Americanized Anime series known as 'Robotech', which was built around the Japanese series 'Macross', with parts of 'Mospeada' and 'Southern Cross' tagged on. The second most famous would be the late 70s series known as 'Star Blazers', which was the Americanized version of 'Space Battleship Yamato'. Then again, I grew up watching 'Speed Racer' and 'Kimba the White Lion' which date back to the late 1960s...
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    Re: 80s Americanized Anime

    Yea, I do kinda remember Ronin Warriors to an extent. Thou I only caught a couple of episodes of it for some reason. I think they never showed it at the same time or day, either that or I just keep seeing the same ones a few times again and again. It kinda ran along the showing lines like Pilot Candidate. One minute it's there and the next it's not.

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    Re: 80s Americanized Anime

    i remember the ronin series as well it was a good anime
    there was also mask which was about people in specialized
    vehichles that fought a band of evil guys with vehichles that
    were used as weapons.

    there as a cartoon known as silver hawks as well that
    was a good amricanised anime i was hook on that as a kid.
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