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Thread: Abridged Series- Your Opinions

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    Abridged Series- Your Opinions

    It seems that many youtube users were inspired by the work of Littlekuriboh and his YuGiOh abridged series, and decided to make a few themselves.

    My question to you folks is have you watched any, what is your favorite, and what ones do you not like.


    My list is as follows:

    YuGiOh Abridged: I've been following it since the begining and its always nice to watch the grand daddy of all the abridged series.

    Naruto: A series many don't like, as it was the first series to shine as brightly as LK's work, and many folks accused the creators of copying. I however enjoy it because it picks up on many of the flaws of Naruto, and cracks on all the characters.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender: Made with some of the weirdest jokes and funniest character voices around, definately one of my top 3
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    Talking Re: Abridged Series- Your Opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDeath90 View Post
    It seems that many youtube users were inspired by the work of Littlekuriboh and his YuGiOh abridged series, and decided to make a few themselves.
    i'm not a big fan of Littlekuriboh.. ok. here's my favorite abridged series.

    Naruto abridged series: i love that series! i've watched it since it came out... I think. Well, i watched all the comment specials, fan art contest special, even the Christmas special. i'm a Naruto abridged series fan! XD i can't wait until they come out with Naruto Abridged 23!

    Bleach abridged series: This series is made by Sehanort! i'm also a fan of the Bleach abridged series! It always has many shorts. But, there pretty good. And, the episodes are funny! But, the Bleach abridged can't beat the Naruto abridged!

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    Re: Abridged Series- Your Opinions

    LittleKuriboh's Abridged Series was the first and the one that sparked the many imitations out there that would appear on YouTube years after the birth of the first episode. It's the only one that I find entertaining. It's the only one out there that I find good. I personally find everything else to be crap.

    The only thing that beats LittleKuriboh's work is TomaMoto's own spoof work.
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