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Thread: Afro Samurai wins an Emmy

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    Afro Samurai wins an Emmy

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    It's not often that you hear of a Japanese Anime production winning a significant US media award, but it has just been announced...
    Art director Shigemi Ikeda has received a Primetime Emmy Award for his work on Spike TV and Gonzo's Afro Samurai: Resurrection television film, according to a Monday announcement by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. A jury determines the award recipients in the "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation" category without a nomination process.
    Afro Samurai: Resurrection's Shigemi Ikeda Wins Emmy (Updated) - Anime News Network

    Personally, I thought that 'Afro Samurai' was a series that was so horribly bad that it became a inadvertent comedy series... But putting personal opinions aside, I do admit that the series is 'artistic'...
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    Re: Afro Samurai wins an Emmy

    Wow that is pretty interesting. I wasn't really expecting that at all! LOL!

    I didn't like Afro Samurai either, myself... But I guess in some ways they deserve the award. ^.^ It looks amazing, for one... The animation is very very well done.

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    Re: Afro Samurai wins an Emmy

    Fans of anime everywhere should be very happy. I know I am. As just stated it doesn't happen to often.

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    Re: Afro Samurai wins an Emmy

    Afro Samurai is an awesome anime and wouldn't have been given an Emmy if it wasn't. The story was good, the soundtrack was awesome. I mean c'mon who doesn't like the RZA?

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    Re: Afro Samurai wins an Emmy

    I only saw one episode. Was ok. I'm black and I can't even get behind the premise of a black samurai. good sex scene in the 1 episode i did watch
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    Re: Afro Samurai wins an Emmy

    The overall style in Afro Samurai sure is awesome, so I do think that the Emmy award is well deserved.

    Congratulations, Afro!
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