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Thread: Ahh...Help!!!

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    Exclamation Ahh...Help!!!

    Has anyone ever watched the D.N.Angel anime? Well I have tiny problem...You see, I was trying to find this song from it...If anyone has watched episode 3 from D.N.Angel, in the battle between Dark and the unicorn there was this song playing. I have been trying to find it but I really don't know what it is called. Could anyone please help me out?

    It started like this.(This is the english translation):

    Like throwing scattering flowers...

    ~Azayaka na hana wo makouyoui...

    Please help me!!!

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    Re: Ahh...Help!!!

    I believe the song is called Kodou (Whenever), but I do not know who it is sung by...


    Just looked it up :
    Ryutaro Okiayu
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    Thank you Equinn!! ^-^

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