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Thread: Akira

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    Hi, it's Franco again and I tend to notice that a lot of people talk about the new anime instead of the old anime (back before computers were used to animate them, and when voice acting was a joke), but for me my favorite one was Akira, so on this tread just say if you like it or not, and if you do just say your favorite scene.

    Like I said, I loved Akira, and my favorite scene is when they are being interrogated by the police and when the kamkaze revoltuionist breaks out of one of the room's and pull's out a grenade and find's out that it's a dud and get's beaten by the police, that was probley my most favorite part of the movie especially when the grenade goes off after they leave the detention area. But that is just a sample of the movie, to me every part of the movie is my favorite, but this one just stood out the most to me.

    Let's have fun with this tread.

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    Re: Akira

    I enjoy and own the movie but (as is often the case) the manga blows it out of the water effortlessly.
    I hope they some day make an OVA or anime series of Akira which closely follows the story as it happens in the manga. Kind of what they did with Hellsing Ultimate.

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