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Thread: American Animation and Japanese Anime

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    @Little Negi Sensei

    Not to be rude or anything but i said "aired". That being said, it is quite obvious that i am pertaining to the ones we get on TV. Based on my knowledge of the English language (no matter how good or bad mine is), "aired" is a term used to describe shows on TV.."aired online" would be okay but "downloaded", "streamed" from, "uploaded" on just sounds a tad more better and proper as far as my understanding goes. "Aired on DVD", "aired on VHS", and "aired" on some other media just doesn't seem like the proper term.

    And besides, the content of cantsenditback's post best applies to the anime being broadcasted on TV. See how he talks about Naruto being shown (on TV) down under?....


    But in not doing so, how many parents and other activists would rally down the streets? How many citizens would raise their eyebrows on something that they consider offensive? Yadda yadda. As far as i see it, the media regulatory boards all over the globe are doing it for their respective country's sake.
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    Re: American Animation and Japanese Anime

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    Quote Originally Posted by cantsenditback View Post
    But in doing so, either most or the best parts of a show is edited or cut out. For naruto, it was showing in my country, Ausrtalia on tv, the blood stuff was cut out of the show and when i got a few episode from a website, it has blood in it and it was show on cartoon network, i would prefer the uncut version better than the cut version for anime
    So you consider the 'blood splatters' the best part of Naruto??? Since Naruto is shown in the Japanese 'Golden Hour' (Family hour prime time) slot, very little needs to be cut to adopt to US broadcast standards. Tobacco use, (which is required by US law for children programs), and 'blood splatters' are removed, but this really doesn't effect the original episode story. Most cuts are being made in the US broadcast version to make time for more TV commercial, and not because of US censorship laws...
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