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Thread: American Anime Awards ?!?!

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    American Anime Awards ?!?!

    ok i dont know when it happened but they had the first annual American anime awards this year, ok for the most part this was an awsome event! XD but i have 1 major problem.... full metal alchemist beat rurouni kenshin in the best longest running anime! WTF?! dont get me wrong i like both anime but REALLY! rurouni kenshin is far more known and it just seems like all the awards the two were competing in FMA beasted them into the ground! @_@' which do you think is better?

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    Re: rurouni kenshinV.FMA which is better to you?

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    In reality the American Anime Awards, by allowing the entry of Anime series that had their Region 1 release years ago, was badly flawed by design. There initial nomination list had OVA titles mixed up in their TV series catagory, and short series mixed in their long series category, (which only showed that the organizers didn't know what they were doing!) Just by the advancement of CGI workstation technology, newer series will always have better frame rates and color palette. Older series should have had their own 'classic' genre catagories to compete in. By allowing older series to compete against recently introduced series only dilutes publicity and attention from them that would promote sales and enhance the income of the American distributors.
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    Re: American Anime Awards ?!?!

    i think that if the two were out right now for the first time (rk) would have had a better run how ever i think that (fma) still would have won a good bit

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