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    who watched the naruto show, where sasuke goes with orichamru, to try to get training, because he wants to beat naruto in a battle, he thinks naruto is stronger then him, but he wants to prove everybody wrong. Who thinks sasuke is jelous of naruto and the power inside of him? If naruto had all the foxes inside of him would he be unstopable?
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    Re: anime

    Quote Originally Posted by neji101 View Post
    have you ever read a book that is anime but you dont know what it says. but sometimes you read a great anime book and you love it . but then you watch
    the seires and itss better than the book and the graphics on the anime book are bad but in the show it is so much better well i think that.
    What are you trying to get at? Your post is confusing the hell out of me, I'm trying my best to understand it.

    Are you trying to say which do people prefer: Anime or Manga?

    *You cannot just edit your first post like that!
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    Re: anime

    Mmm hmmm. Well, it is quite confusing when that happens, and seeing as how there is a special area just for naruto discussions, I'm gonna close this.

    If you want to talk about naruto, it goes here. Also, please don't edit it to a new topic like that. Make sure you know what it is you want to talk about before posting the new thread.
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