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Gaijin Mangaka? Possible but highly unlikely. There are tons of "capable nobodies" in Japan alone, how can somebody who lives in a foreign land make it through? Merely and immediately doing the "write-a-comic-and-look-for-publishers" thingie doesn't guarantee you much of a chance. Just like what Len said, it takes years to be familiarized with the Japanese whatnots and all the other aesthetic stuff about anime and manga. That being said, a way to heighten your chances in to attend and study in Japanese art schools especially those which focuses on the manga/anime field. But then again, tons of people are doing this but lady luck hasn't smiled upon them yet.

There are a couple of companies that produce non-Japanese manga, for some fans these companies are merely wannabes but for aspiring non-Japanese artists these companies could be their stairway to success.

If you want to work in the anime/manga field in Japan that badly, one of the best and possible things to do is work on outsourcing companies. Anime is bigger than manga in a global scale, because of this the companies' need for a much bigger workforce is growing. Anime companies have begun outsourcing for foreign talents, even a big shot like Toei has started to do this. By working as a foreign talent you have a slightly better chance to get noticed.

Japan has also begun to credit foreign mangakas, awarding them and giving them opportunities to take a step closer to their dreams so don't kill yours just yet. But don't expect too much about it, it's rather unhealthy to do so. It all boils down to how capable you are and how lucky you are.

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Well, it was always my plan to attend an art school that focused on Manga/Anime anyway so that was always in my plan. The only thing that worries me is how to go about getting noticed and stuff. Because like you said the whole write a manga then look for publishers thing isn't gonna cut it (even though i found a a company I would like to publish my work CMX comics.) but no need to go into detail about that. And sure it's not gonna be easy to do but you know, I've been wanting to do this for as long as I can remember, so I'm not gonna let luck or anything make me less confident that I will become a manga artist, or something along the lines of that. But i was looking for it to be somewhat of my manga to start out as a manga, and then an anime (or vice-versa.) How do you think that may work out? as well as my previous question on how to become a manga artist and how to go about it. I need all the guidance I can take and I appreciate you all talking to me about it.