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If im right I heard Code lyoko is from france. So thats definitely not anime.
I've never thought of Shaolin Showdown or teen titans as anything close to anime. Robin is a DC character which is obviously not Japanese. But mainly because anime (at least the series I watch) usually progresses from episode to episode. In most cases 4 Shaolin showdown and Teen Titans the previous episode has no effect on the next one.
Yes, as a matter of fact Code Lyoko is actually French. That or Canadian...but ah well, I digress.

A lot of current animators take great influence from their Japanese counterparts. The main difference, however, is that many (if not all) animated cartoons from Japan have a storyline, breaking briefly for some filler, or in some cases for an entire arc.

American animation is more episodic, as every episode has its own story, and there really is no main plot.

There are some shows which combine this. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great example. Most episodes are episodic, but mostly they all relate to the main theme of the show.

BUUUTTTT to answer the main question, all three of the shows you mentioned are anime inspired, with "anime" meaning a show written and produced in Japan for a Japanese audience.