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Thread: Anime for Beginners

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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    The easiest way to get started is decide what kind of entertainment you want to see, then ask around for suggestions for series that might fit your bill...

    You can also choose among the standard generic 'Golden Hour' (Family Hour Prime Time) series such as 'Bleach' and 'Naruto'. Try to stay away from the ultra violent and sex oriented series, as they represent only a small niche market for Anime. (And stay away from 'Neon Genesis Evangelion', as this is probably one of the worst choices for a introductory Anime series...)

    For a typical teen to young adult, good series for a beginner to try would include...
    'Outlaw Star' (a good Space Adventure series...)
    'Big O' (described as Batman meets Mecha...)
    And for girls, there are always...
    'Fruits Baskets' (gee, how would described this one? Young high school orphan girls gets involved with a group of bishounen (pretty boy) males who suffer a dreadful curse)
    'Escaflowne' (high school girl who gets kidnapped by a shining knight, and taken to a alternate fantasy dimension...)
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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    Yeah, I get the games and the anime confused all the time, sorry about that ^__^;

    I've been meaning to check out Ghost In the Shell, ever since I saw my uncle wearing a t-shirt of it, I've been curious as to what it's like. (Does it have a manga? every time I've been in BooksAMillion I haven't noticed it being there.)

    Trigun is really funny, (it does have a bit of swearing, just a warning.) I saw the first few episodes on youtube. I can see why it's popular.

    Theirs quite a few good animes out, It's just a matter of what you're really interested in at the moment.
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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    Start by watching every Miyazaki film ever made...

    Go from there.

    TV series are lovely and all, but very few mean anything to Japanese culture as a whole. Miyazaki films are more or less universal and essential to both those interested in the history of anime (not to mention animation in general) and Japanese culture.

    If I could... I would kick anyone who hasn't seen them out of the fandom (and the country)
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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    I have to agree with Tsurara. His films are basically required watching if you call yourself an anime fan. I would strongly suggest Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, just because they're excellent films. The fact that they're Miyazaki films is just a bonus.

    Now, there are alot of them, so get cracking: Hayao Miyazaki - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    One of these days, I'm going to take my copy of Howl's Moving Castle, sit my parents down, make them watch the film, then say to them: "See, THIS is why I watch anime."
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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    well maybe go to funimation.com and check out some anime that you might like if you happen to find an interesting looking watch the first episode online.(not to say i do that very often). Also try out some manga if you can get your hands on it.

    Maybe some anime series you may like?

    Before I say anime that I would recommend. It is more up to what anime you watch,
    I dont really know what kinda person you are if you like this or that Action or school romance but these are some i would recommend.

    -Fullmetal Alchemist
    (very nicely set out. If your a supernatural fantasy person this will be right for you.)
    (even though i am not particularly interested in this anime, many people like it)
    (Another pretty nice set out. Many people like this. If your a action person this will be good although i dont really take much interest in this anime either i watched about 50 episodes)
    And the list go on to about 200 anime

    thoughs are recommendations
    But in those three i only take interest in Fullmetal Alchemist
    But I thought id recommend them because they have such a big fan base

    And these are some anime to look out for
    Death Note
    Studio Ghibli films
    detective conan
    And the list goes on...

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    ok....i've started "my anime career" by watching Green Green....
    so...i can advice to start from this anime cause it's not too serious...it's not too long...
    to my mind...if the man is only starting to watch anime...it's stupid to begin from long animes....cause they may be tied of it...or something else...
    i must say...short..but good anime is the best choice.
    i'm not saying Green Green is the best anime....but...ok...for me it was just perfect for "1st anime"
    also u can watch Death Note.... i'm quite sure...u'll like it!
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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    Like everyone else has said... You cannot call yourself an anime fan without watching Studio Ghibli films directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Beware of Earthsea... Alright, haven't seen the movie before, but it's reception is generally mixed.

    Well, I'm assuming you're male, so I can't really recommend Full Moon o Sagashite. I have a bunch of other anime in my arsenal, though.

    Keroro Gunsou. An entertaining Shounen/Boy's anime about little, amphibian-like alien invaders who... well, fail to take over Earth. It's a good, long series... Very, very long. I recommend watching some shorter anime first.

    Hoshi no Koe, or Voices of a Distant Star. It's a deep drama concerning a long-distance relationship between Noboru, on Earth, and Mikako, a girl dfrafted into the UN Space Army. Sounds odd, but just watch it. Just watch it.

    Noir. 26 episode-long anime with two female assassins and the conspiracies behind their pasts. Mireille, one of the two, was born into a (now dead) crime family. Kirika has no memory of her past, and neither of the two know anything about Kirika's relation to Noir, and seek for the answers. Despite the fact that this anime has alot of killing, it's not graphic at all. Really.

    Elfen Lied. Like Noir, it involves female killing machines. Unlike Noir, this anime is a a sci-fi of the psychological horror genre, and very, very, graphic. There's some nudity, and alot of blood. The main character ofthis anime is Lucy, a diclonius, or mutant human with pink hair and two horns that look like cat ears. Aside from external abnormalities, Lucy has two split personalities, and like all Dicloniuses, she has vectors, or invisible arms. When you think of vectors, think of the Force from Star Wars. I recommend this only after watching a sizable amount of other anime, and if you're not queasy or easily get nightmares. Oh yeah... The first episode is very, very graphic, and can deter some viewers. However, keep in mind the anime is deeper than typical Western horror films. 13 episodes.

    Le Chevalier D'Eon. Just goes to show you that historical fiction rocks, and that anime is a medium, not a style. Starts out in France in 1742. The principal character in the series is D'Eon de Beaumont, whose twin sister is found in a coffin floating down a river. Dead. D'Eon, of course, wants answers about his sister's death, and as to why a number of other French women are turningup dead. Or not so dead... Historical fiction, supernatural, mystery, thriller, and action. The animation is very, very fluid and pretty. 24 episodes long.

    Akira is good if you're in the mood for another great movie. Sort of gory, especially towards the end, it being an action sci-fi. Takes place in a devastated Neo-Tokyo, which is devastated because of a giant nuclear explosion. Kaneda leads a biking gang, and his friend, Tetsuo, is part of the same gang. Eventually the two find themselves trapped in a strange government on-going involving human testing.
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    Re: Anime for Beginners

    Since your new to anime, I'm going to tell you one rule (with not that many exceptions): DO NOT WATCH THE AMERICAN VERSION IN ENGLISH!! Watch the Japanese version with subtitles instead. They offer a much clearer picture of what the creator of the anime is trying to show to the person watching.

    That's not to say, however, that there aren't anime that have good dubbing. Some exceptions are:

    Akira, Fullmetal Alchemist(My Favorite Dub), Ghost in the Shell, and any Hayao Miyazaki Film.

    Thanks to _gwenibe_ for this awesome sig!

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