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Thread: Anime Boys

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    Anime Boys

    I'm a dreamer and i know that but , have you notice that most anime boys are really hot. Even if they are a minor character, they are really sexy or really cute. And it gets me mad cause most boys I know aren't that hot at all.

    My top 3 hot anime boys will be:
    1.Gaara- from naruto
    2.Chrono- from Chrono Crusade
    3. any cute boy from any anime

    Maybe it's just me, but I do know that I'm not the only one thinking this.(am I?)

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    Re: Anime Boys

    Yeah me too lol! I love Chrno especially when hes all buff
    I will never leave you

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    Re: Anime Boys

    favorite threads are concidered low quality unless you explain why they are your favorite as well as having to be a community member or higher to start one, and list thread have always been a no-no, no exceptions.


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