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Thread: Anime Character Resemblance

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    Anime Character Resemblance

    Have you notcied that some anime have different characters that just sometimes looks the same?

    here are some examples:
    Kyo from Fruit baskets
    Seiji from Midori no Hibi
    Ichigo from Bleach


    hero from gundam wing
    sousuke fro full metal panic

    if you find anymore, will you post it here? i wanna see em all lol

    O.O omg the title isn't right... the "A" in anime is missing! ahhh can a mod fix that pls?

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    Re: nime Character Resemblence

    It's ok, we get it anyway. Actually, the little mistake draws the attention even more.

    Yes, I have noticed how many anime character look the same. It's mind boggling sometimes. Even worse is when an artist has a similar style for all or most of their characters that are in the same anime program. This really makes it weird.

    I have also noticed that some of the voice actors don't really change their voice that much for different shows. You know what I mean, your sitting there and you know the voice is familiar, and suddenly you realize it's the same voice as another character from a different show.

    The whole thing is just somewhat unsettling sometimes. Especially when characters from different shows look exactly alike. It gets confusing.

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    Re: nime Character Resemblence

    yeah i have noticed that and if you haven't said the first three i would've done so ... not only in drawing but in characteristics sometimes ... like there this type of girl of the big glasses with that round face ... i almost see such character in every anime (almost) even if it is an extra ... i'll posting names soon ...
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