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Thread: Anime Destroying American Society . . .

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    Re: Anime Destroying American Society . . .

    I always read ignorant articles like this...
    People are always looking for who to blame... when it's American Society itself that's to blame. It's a combination of many things that make things bad.
    But why is everything in life so negative to some people?
    Yeah, life sucks, but don't seek out things like anime and video games that actually make others happy! Silly article.

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    Re: Anime Destroying American Society . . .

    Was this person on crack? What a load of BS!

    Please I was watching anime before I even realized that it was anime. I also watched other forms of animation.

    How can anyone who has seen, shows like any of the old Looney Tune shows, say that anime like Pokémon is any worse. PLEASE!

    Yes there is anime that goes into the adult arena, but so does Heavy Metal. However, the fact that they are adult oriented negates them as far as this article goes.

    I can remember watching the animated Lord of the Rings movies on TV as a kid. No one called them anime then. Now you find them in the anime section.

    As far as the comment about what Pokémon teaches you... My young niece watches the show religiously, and she wants to be an exotic animal vet when she grows up. Granted she has also wanted to be an astronaut, ballerina, doctor, American idol, dancer, etc... This is the first thing she has been serious about. She researches everything about it. She even look on the web for schools that would be best for her. She's only seven, and she is checking out schools.

    Shortens attention spans heh? My niece (who also watches other anime with me), has already been contacted by certain top schools wanting her to attend their schools. She is in the second grade. What was that they said about short attention spans, and creating mindless children of tomorrow who have no chance?

    That entire article is nothing short of a load of crap. Has anyone even checked on the
    "CNN's Tokyo affiliate in December 1997"? Guess I will have to look for it tomorrow.

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    Re: Anime Destroying American Society . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by Youth-anime-fan View Post

    Oh yes, American TV is SOOO much better than Japanime. (Sarcasm)
    How about the old banned Disney cartoons depicting racism and prejudice against differently colored people? (look up "banned Disney cartoons on google" if you don't believe me)
    Did just that, & this is what I found...

    Results 1 - 10 of about 88,900 for banned Disney cartoons. (0.18 seconds) Interesting...

    Mind you, American cartoons can teach you stuff. Bugs Bunny taught Cartman from South Park how to deal with Terrorists when they ended up in Afghanistan - dress up in drag, get the guy "Interested" in you, then the 2 of them run around like idiots. And if you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic for all that, read it again with a sarcastic tone this time.

    Don't get me wrong, I grew up watching Daffy Duck terrorize some German Vulture General, then donking Aldorf Hitler on the noggin, Bugs & Elmer Fudd battling it out & even Speed Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all Mexico who's "Friends with everyone's sister". I loved watching the ensuing insanity of Sppedy racing straight through Sylvester's mouth & out his tail, along with all the other Warner Brother antics. However even I must admit, they basically didn't really anything better than the loosely told "help out the little guy" theme, Speedy stealing the cheese for the mice who couldn't get past the guards.

    Anime basically always has a moral theme to it. Sure, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh can get annoying, but they still teach the value of teamwork, helping your friends & so on.

    *sigh* better stop again before I end up taking the whole page...

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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