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Thread: Anime from Disney (?!?)

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    Anime from Disney (?!?)

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    While after shutting down all traditional hand-drawn animation production in the US last year, we now know from this press release article where Disney is moving their animation production too...
    Entertainment giant Walt Disney Co. will team up with several Japanese companies to produce animation for television in Japan, a leading market, a Disney official said Thursday.
    Disney to Produce Animation in Japan - MSN TV News
    Disney to produce animation in Japan - Yahoo! News

    With the current financial crisis developing in the Japanese Anime industry, the funding provided by Disney would no doubt be welcomed. But in the long run, will the introduction of Corporate US funding of Japanese Anime production be a good thing? Or a bad thing??
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    Re: Anime from Disney (?!?)

    It would depend on how much influence Disney will have over the content that is produced. More then likely they're just going to fund anime geared for kids, and leave the more adult oriented stories alone.

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    Re: Anime from Disney (?!?)

    Well... it might be a good idea... maybe of course most of the storylines will be disney like or as the same as "lame" and happy ending kind of thing.... but at least the graphic will be pretty good... well not really, it depends. But i Don't really know what to think... it might be good or it might be bad... it depends how the two industries develop together... we might be facing a new kind of characters and animation.... we wouldn't know til we see their works...
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    Re: Anime from Disney (?!?)

    Disney has completely dismantled nearly all of it's traditional animation studios in the US... Disney characters are incredibly popular in Japan as mascots and goods, but most Japanese children have never actually seen an animated Disney movie.

    Disney sees an opening in the Japanese television market (and they've just started Disney Channel Japan... probably something to do with it).

    I expect things much more along the lines of "Lilo and Stitch" and "The Adventures of Marie, that Cat from the Aristocrats that No One in the USA Remembers Anything About" than what you guys tend to think of as "anime".

    Animation studios are still animation studios... someone commissions them for a project and they do it.

    95% of television animation in the 70s and 80s was done in Japan... but we still fight over whether it's "anime" or not.

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    Re: Anime from Disney (?!?)

    Well to be more precise i would say this can be good or bad it depends on how much they will be chaning the art work and will it end up looking like kim possible drawings if so count me out but it could be good to so it realy depends
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    Re: Anime from Disney (?!?)

    Ick! Ick! Ick!

    That's all I can really say about that. Aside from Kingdom Hearts and a couple of animated movies, Disney really, really sucks in my book. I never really liked Disney all that much as a child, just bared with it. Come to find out radio stations here suck because Clear Channel Radio is owned by who? You guessed it! Disney!!

    I don't know how to take such a hard hitting blow to the face! Disney funding anime studios? Provided that Disney doesn't have TOO much creative control and they just let the animators, writers and other staff do what they do best, it may work out. Though I don't see that happening. Funding studios is one thing, destroying anime as we know it is another. Let's hope that the latter never happens.

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    Re: Anime from Disney (?!?)

    Its anime now that will be monopolized isn't it? Now we're going to have anime shows with stupid disney story lines. As long as they keep the anime awesome I won't mind.
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    Re: Anime from Disney (?!?)

    I'm not gonna judge until there's really an outcome. But i don't really trust these kind of collaborations, it usually ends up bad in my opinion. It is still too early for me to drive the nail into the coffin, but i hope this ends up something as good as Kingdom Hearts. I don't mind seeing something cheesy and heart-y w/c made Disney iconic. What i don't wanna see is a desecration...a desecration of both worlds.

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