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Thread: Anime duds

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    Anime duds

    I feel it is my duty to complain about certain anime that is now showing.the other day while enjoying our new anime chanel I came across possible the worst show(s) i have seen in my life, it also brought my attention to other anime duds. i would like peoples opinions on some of these shows

    Earth girl Arjuna
    .hack// legend of the twilight

    And any more Duds you can think of.

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    Re: Anime duds

    Grumble Grumble dud??? Grumble Grumble

    Now one persons 'dud' may be another persons work of art. Take as an example 'Arujuna' which was the premier work for Studio Bee Train. The animation art work is simply breath taking, though (depending on your point of view...) some people may take offense at its 'save the earth' message, which would rip your arm off, and beat you over the head with again and again throughout the series....

    Now if you really want a controversial 'dud', that would be 'Samurai Champloo'. Historically, the series was canceled prematurely (at episode 17) during its first time TV showing due to poor ratings, and the references to the 2nd season are simply the left over episodes that missed being shown due to the cancellation. Director Shinichiro Watanabe (who directed 'Cowboy Bebop) really missed badly trying to mix together bushido and hip hop. And I'm not buying that claims that the series was really directed for a US audience due to the complete lack of US distributor funding in the original ending credits...
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    Re: Anime duds

    For me Perfect Hair Forever is THE WORST! Oh my G_d!! Now I know hand full of people here simply love it beyond all reasonable possible rational, but for me, it sucked sand (as I always say)!

    However, as LenMiyata said (sorta), One mans toasted marshmallow is another mans baked Alaska. lol... I happened to like all the .hack// shows. Granted they do go downhill after the first, but I took each for what it is, and in whole enjoy them.

    Now as regards to Samurai Champloo... It didn't impress me the first time around, but one day I tried watching it the whole show through, and I actually liked it. In fact I would say that I really do like it now.

    I'll think of some more I can't stand, and get back to you.

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    Re: Anime duds

    Please listen to the words of a man who suffered when watched these:
    Yumeria (bad in everything ... plot ,music ,action ,directing ... only animation).
    Demonbane (don't bother ... such great character design in a stupid anime ... imagine when making a scene that you're supposed to be serious in but instead you explode laughing as powerful as you haven't ever done in anywhere else).
    Hanaukyo Maids (only icchie and nothing else beyond that .. nothing).
    Rizelmine (so ordinary to an extent you want to die instead of watching).
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    Re: Anime duds

    i'd have to split ways here...

    i'd agree with Len in saying that one person's dud is another person's work of art... i actually like .hack// legend of the twilight...

    but then again, i don't like a specific number of anime serieses... haha... like gundam sd force... it is sosososososo bad... it disgraces the name of the gundam series...

    that's all... i guess it only goes to show that it's up to a person... personal preference always comes in with regards to questins like these...
    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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