Yeah Hi, for those that live in the Vancouver Region, theres Anime evolution, A convention, on a mountain in SFU Burnaby BC. Heres some Info, They offer a "concert event" this happens on the second day, Various Bands play, theres some well known Jpop bands that play, last year Back-on played. Also Various Webcomic Artists, and Voice actors. Last year Scott of VGcats was there... i got his Autograph.

Site: Anime Evolution 2008

Price: 45 bucks at the door for 3-days. pre-reg ended, i think.

Events: the Concert event, Karaoke, Tabletop/card area, Lan party this year(hella awesome), Comedy(the 404's, they are awesome), and more! (just check out the site).

If any of you guys want to meet up, thats fine with me.