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Thread: The Anime Game

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    The Anime Game

    OK, I have an Anime Game for you. This is simple all you have to do is name a character from the anime that the person before you names and tell why you picked that character, It doesn't have to be your favorite character either. then you name a Different anime for the next person to name a character from. Since it's my game I'll start off with an example the give the next Anime. Lets see how many different characters we can come up with.(It is OK to repeat an Anime, But you must list a different character)

    Anime-Pokemon.......Character-Pickachu, because he is every one's favorite Pokemon. so cute.

    Anime-Sailor Moon.........Character

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    Re: The Anime Game

    sailor moon aka serena

    its just she can be sooo pretty and all yet very silly and clumsy

    anime- esclafowne

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