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Thread: Anime with live action

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    Re: Anime with live action

    EEEEEWWWW live action movies REALLY SUCK TO THE CORE.... the faces of the actors and actresses are ugly and nowhere near as good as the real anime itself...

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    Re: Anime with live action

    (besides some o' those mentioned) Lots of them actually...

    You get a lot of these live clippings in Samurai X, most notably in the ending sequence that covers most of the Shishio arc episodes (Bonnie Pink-It's Gonna Rain).

    Naruto (Shippuden included) used it a couple of times too but with all those episodes and arcs i can't specifically point out where and when it was used.

    If my memory serves me correctly, Oji the Section Chief uses silhouettes of a headbanging guitarist in its opening sequence (John Sykes-Cautionary Warning). It's been 8 years since i last saw Oji on TV so i'm not really a 100% confident with this answer. Maybe 85....but not a 100...

    Gate Keepers which was set in a post-WWII Japan has live images of Japan during those years in its opening sequence.

    In the notable culinary-themed anime, Mr. Ajikko, there's a video of a chef doing kitchen work during its ending sequence.

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    Re: Anime with live action

    Quote Originally Posted by Natsume View Post
    Prince of tennis. Death note.
    Prince of tennis doesn't really have a lot of action. I would say Hellsing and Bleach. Death Note has plenty of action.

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