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Thread: Anime/Manga Information Links

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    Anime/Manga Information Links

    Ok This is the Anime information links page, which has links to different sites that will redirect yoiu to information about them ^^, These are all my favorites so i hope they come in handy.

    - :Excellent site that will tell you whether or not a manga is licensed and when it is going to be released also with information to where you can get the manga if it is unlicensed also with more information.

    - :Most excellent online Magazine Site that will give you upcomin news on new manga/anime and when they will be released.

    - : A really good site that's dedicated to giving you round the clock new os new anime ^_^

    - :All the news you'll ever need about anime, will link you to the main Offical page of each anime as well.

    - :Incase What above isn't enough for you here's another nice information site.

    - : Believe it or not Wiki Also has tons of information on anime/manga!!

    - : For more summarys go here.

    - : If i still havne't given you what you need go here for Info. on new anime aslo with song translations!!

    Ok that i enough information for anyone! If you need anymore information and finding a certain anime then please pm me and ill do what i can!
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    Anime Club Support Links

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    These are links to Commercial Sites that support Anime Club activities...

    Anime ADVocates (ADV Films)

    Operation Anime: Funimation

    Anime Addicts: Bandai Entertainment

    Anime University: Central Park Media

    Though the trick is, your group must already exist before they'll help you... (so don't ask for sponsership support...)
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