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Thread: anime people

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    Re: anime people

    Life in general is better in an anime. it doesnt have to be a fantasy type setting persay but it's better. ppl in real life are bitter and look out for number one. but i live by one rule in my life. "Life is as good as you wanna make it." but that can be hard trust me. i hate the real world but i'm forced to be apart of it. so i have to play by there rules. so i have to be as bitter as everyone else if they arent my friends. it sucks.

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    Re: anime people

    not all anime is perfact and nice some of them ...and why we aren't like them ?
    umm mabye the god want that and if we will be like them have apower and other magic things no at earth still live every one will kill by the other one because we are like anime ....now we are not like anime and every one kill the other one .....tell me when we will be like anime what happened ???!!

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