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Thread: Anime Relationships.

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    Smile Re: Anime Relationships.

    My room-mate and my best friend are both fans of anime. My room-mate like all kinds of anime but is into the more eechi kind like Girls Bravo, DearS, etc., etc. This isn't a bad thing thought. He's recently become obsessed with a new series called Shuffle and I got him sort of interested in Ranma 1/2.

    My best friend is a HUGE fan of Macross. He bought the Macross series subtitled box set that Robotech.com had offered a couple of years ago as a limited time deal. Now you can only get it off E-Bay and other auction sits for over $400 to $800. He also has imports of series and movies that never came to the US like Macross the Movie: Do You Remember Love?, Macross 7, Macross 7 Dynamite (OAV), and the Macross music video DVD Flashback 2012. He also has ALL of the Macross 7 "Fire Bomber" albums including the very rare "American Fire Bomber" which features many of the songs from the series in English. Macross 7 and the OAV had some incredible music, I also liked the music from Macross Plus.

    I really don't know anybody else other than friends online who like anime as much as me. I only recently learned there's a D.C. Anime Club which meets regularly. There was a story in the Washington Post's free morning news highlights paper The Washington Post Express that they hand out at the Metro rail stations about cosplaying and the D.C. Anime Club. I'm going to have to check into it and see about joining. I also found out that I missed one of the bigger Anime conventions in the US ... Anime USA ... which was held at Crystal City in Arlington, VA right next to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Pentagon City (big underground mall), and the Pentagon itself. DOH!
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    Re: Anime Relationships.

    when i was at the US i know a few people who are into anime...and yes 2 of them are kids who are very much into hamtaro and all those little girl-friendly anime. they were family friends and distant relatives of ours and when we visited at their home at chicago, the girls' room were full of hamtaro stuff...

    as of now i'm back in the philippines studyin' college in a university...at our building-the fine arts building, w/c happens to have a lot of students, i think the bulk of students are anime buffs...10 out of 10 students have been addicted to some anime shows considerin' that this is philippines. anime is a part of the lives of 90% percent of everyone born after 1980,and i'm not exaggeratin'. i think a huge fraction of the art students at our university draw anime stuff and have taken anime as their artistic style/identity...in my class there are 5 people who are really into anime, excluding me...in our class, all of us know a thing or two about anime, and most if not all of us have memorized, mastered, and ARE TIRED of watching re-airs of lots of anime series that has been aired on tv...there are lots of hardcore fans out here but even the less-hardcore crowd out here sure know and watched a lot....

    as for discrimination stuff, as i've said earlier " think a huge fraction of the art students at our university draw anime stuff and have taken anime as their artistic style/identity"...those students aren't always accepted politely, there are students who look down on those students..even though everyone here have anime-injected lives, discrimination is not uncommon...since it's the art department, discriminators range from these: there are art purists, there are people who have more complex styles, those who have been peer-pressured, and there are those who just don't wanna run with the pack and discriminatin' anime-styled artists have been one of their hobbies...

    love relationships...i think it KINDA helps-a little, here at least, since almost every girl here have been watchin' anime, opening something up like "do you remember watchin sailormoon when you were at third grade?" can be pretty safe...but of course, timing is still the key....

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    Re: Anime Relationships.

    WeLl iN oUr ClAsS were VERY FEW wHiCh Is VeRy sAd bUt i'm HaPpY tHaT ThEy ReAlLy LoVe ANIME mOrE tHaN I Do aNd AlSo i AtTendEd A cOnvEntIon AnD i WaS suPriSeD tHat TheRe wEre So MaNy AnImE FanS BeCaUzE I tHouGhT iN OuR CoUnTrY thErE oNlY a FeW aNiMe FaNs!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Anime Relationships.

    Well for as long as I can remember anime is a growing popular thing amost people allaround me. As far as I know all my friend's,best friend's, and family have all loved anime just like I do. In florida its quite popular and is rising to be well known where ever I go and I too feel it dont have to be a must that my friend's,best friends, and family like it even tho I love anime:P.
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