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Thread: Anime story: The bite of a Vampire

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    Talking Anime story: The bite of a Vampire

    This is my first anime story so just don't be too hard when you judge lolz.
    If you wanna comment just post a reply.
    It would be nice to get some feedback since I'm new to this site.
    I'm a little bored so I decided to write a little something (1st Person)

    I was a teenage girl about 18, I had long red hair and blue eyes and a desire for love, I was a lonely human girl with no parents and my name was Suki.
    My parents had recently died since they were quite old and they were put to rest and I was left all on my own to live my life, I had the house to myself, it was a very small house, there was barely any room to stretch your legs anyway, I came from a poor family but at least we made our lives.

    The date today was Monday January 2nd 2011
    I had just woken up from bed and I got dressed getting myself ready for school, in school, I wasn't exactly what you call a straight A student, I was known for slacking off in class. So I got to school that day and chatted to my friends about my recent grief because of my parents, I soon was off to class and got through my lessons and lunch.

    Finally it was the end of the day and I was walking home from school, as I was walking down the path, I noticed a dark alleyway that seemed to be a shortcut home so I walked into the alleyway and found it was a dead-end, just a brick wall so I turned around and when I turned around, I saw a man standing right there, he was my height and had glowing red eyes, his hair was dark brown and he seemed in need of something.

    I stood there in shock and spoke with a soft and gentle voice although I was terrified "Who are you?" I asked him. He looked me in the eyes and spoke with a kind voice "I am the thing you crave most, My name is Ryan". I looked at him, baffled but I hesitated to speak, the words drifted off my mouth "My name is Suki" I said to him.

    He held me against the brick wall and said to me "I'm a Vampire" I heard what he said, surely he had to be kidding but his glowing red eyes convinced me otherwise "Stay away from me" I pleaded trying to get back as far as I could "I need to bite you" he said to me softly "Let me go!" I yelled to him. He shook his head "No, this won't hurt" he said as he held me still and grew his fangs, I felt his fangs pressing into my neck and him sucking my blood, I yelped at the pain but stopped realizing it felt quite good.

    When he stopped he said to me "Your like me, a Vampire now he said to me, I was shocked but he had made me that "A Vampire?" I was worried, I looked at him, I grew my new fangs and bit his neck as he also bit mine again, we sucked each other's blood and then both let go "I'm a Vampire, Thank you" I said to him and hugged him.

    The End
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