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Thread: Anime you just finished watching

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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    Recently finished Jin-Roh

    Total eps: Feature Film

    Genres: Drama, Military, Police, Psychological, Science Fiction

    Summary: Kazuki Fuse a member of the elite Kerberos Panzer Cops, a metropolitan anti terrorist unit of the government.Is sent in to stop an uprising in the begging of the movie.Where he is faced with the decision to shoot a female terrorist.Which leads to seeing what Fuse really is.

    To me this was a great movie, one of the bast i have see in a while.The story line is very well done and the animation along with the song makes this for me a 9/10.
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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    so far i finished the seires of negima
    i'd give it 9/10 it is very good teh animation and the story line is good the songs are great, i just wish they stayed with the story line of the manga a little more but it is still fun to watch

    outlaw star it is a great anime graphic, animation and story line are great the songs are also great I give this one 10/10

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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    well i just finished gundam seed and based off of the i think was a bad ending i give it a 7/10
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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    So, this evening I viewed the FUNimation release of the 'One Piece' move #8: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Adventures in Alabasta. For those of you who have seen the original 39 TV episode Alabasta story arc, the movie is a wonderful synopsis, taking the best dramatic scenes from the TV story and redoing them with state of the art CGI assisted animation technology. But if you haven't seen the original Alabasta TV story arc, then you might want to pass on the movie. Condensing a 39 episode story into a 90 minute theatrical movie does cut out most of the story. Plus the background on Vivi-sama and how she became a trusted member of the straw-hat pirates, (and trusted enough that they are willing to risk their lives for her) goes all the way back to when they first enter the Grand Line...

    Rating, for 'One Piece' fans, 8/10, and for everyone else, 6/10
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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    I just finished:
    Darker Than Black
    Rating: 10/10 (serious!)
    Episodes: 25
    Genre: Action ,Drama and other mixes in different episodes ...
    Summary: If you haven't watched this anime then you must ... i don't know but as for me i REAL liked this show of all its sides ...
    now ,the story starts with the world changing with the appearance of super-powered human named contractors and Two gates out of a mysterious cause .. thus those contractors are used as weapons and executers of various organizations missions ...
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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    Okay, I just finished watching:
    Rateing: 8/10
    Episodes: 165
    Genre: Action: fantasy: sci fi
    Summery: A high school girl named Kagome falls in an old well owned by her grandpa and finds herself in the past. She finds a half demon named Inuyasha and they go on adventures to find peices of the sacred jewl so Inuyasha can become full demon.

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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    Ok, here are the ones I can think of that I finished in the last few months.

    There are a few cases of what some might consider ***SPOILERS*** in this post.

    His And Her Circumstances
    I had high expectations for this after watcher the first few episodes; however, nothing was really tied together at the end. I felt that there was just too many side stories to keep the watcher interested in the main story and if it continued on for another season the way it was going I probably would have just dropped it.
    The Animation is rather interesting if quirky and the main character is probably my second favorite(her fake self) when it comes to looks.

    6/10 The animation didn't bother me at all and was rather nice at times. The character development and the story started out great but then just seemed to halt a little more than half way through the series. Kind of frustrating really.
    -wikipedia link-

    Kaze no Stigma
    Interesting concept that pulled me in for the first few episodes just because I wanted to see what they would do with it. Though the character growth and interaction progressed slowly I'm happy that it seemed to do so consistently throughout the show. Really the only beef I have with Kaze is that it ended much like Code Geass, without finishing anything. The bad guy is still out there, as well as the main character's dead lover who was "resurrected" as a doll by that same bad guy.

    7/10 If there is going to be a second season then I would consider the first a success. It was entertaining and even if it progressed slowly, the fact that it progressed is more than a lot of anime can say now-a-days. However, if there won't be a second season I'm just going to look back on it with disappointment.
    -wikipedia link-

    Myself Yourself
    Not at all what I expected this to be. I started it thinking it was just going to be another childhood reunion + romance that took place at a highschool. Wonder why that sounds familiar... Anyway, as I said it wasn't anything like I expected. It happens to be a seinen, which I didn't appreciate at the time. It delves pretty deep into the hardships that a lot of youths have today, it touches on abuse in the household, bullying at school, traumatic experiences in the past, betrayal, murder/death, and even suicide. And while it ends on a decidedly happy note just at the very end its a rather sad happiness for some of the characters.

    9/10 It started off like most high school romantic dramas do, with conflict between the two characters most likely to get together. It isn't until later that you find out this conflict has some very deep seeded emotional causes that both sides have. Refreshing isn't the right word, but it was a very nice change of pace to watching all of those romantic comedies, and really it helped open my eyes a little as to what an anime series can really do. As well as what seinen could really mean.
    -wikipedia link-

    Romeo x Juliet
    To be honest, I watched the first half of this when it first came out and didn't finish it until recently, so I can't remember all of it that well. That being said I still enjoyed most of the anime. The characters were a little two dimensional, but it wasn't a problem for me. The animation was better than most. The story while being based on the play took some nice artistic licenses.

    7/10 I remember thinking that I liked how there really wasn't much fantasy to it, sure they has some Pegasus flying around, but there wasn't really any magic and it was just about the romance between Romeo and Juliet. Then near the end they throw in the fact that their world was a floating island held up by a dying tree. I mean honestly.
    -wikipedia link-

    Seto No Hanayome
    Another show that I stopped watching a few episodes in and then came back to finish. A few things about the characters were interesting and while some characteristics were admirable(almost to a fault) it really wasn't all that bad.

    5/10 It wasn't what I would call a waste of time, but it didn't really stand out in any way.
    -wikipedia link-

    School Days
    Now this is an anime that has a lot of balls. Just like Myself Yourself I wasn't expecting this at all and the fact that I watched Myself Yourself before School Days probably softened the blow I got from watching this. Again, like Myself Yourself, I went into this anime thinking it was going to be another love triagle high school romantic comedy. Boy was I wrong. Just watching the first episode actually helped precipitate the feeling of just another high school show, but then it just goes balls to the wall and kicks you in the face. The main character seems to have NO morals when it comes to fooling around with the opposite sex. I don't really want to spoil any of it so I won't go much deeper. I was just so shocked that an anime would go that far, and to be honest it really made me giddy that they actually did. I f#@king LOVED watching this, and to be honest I was probably blind to any other faults that it had. Of course there its no surprise thats its a seinen and really all it did was make me want to only watch seinen targeted anime from now on.

    10/10 It just grabbed me by the balls a few episodes in and didn't let go until the main characters were literally dead at the end.
    -wikipedia link-

    I"S Pure
    A short romantic drama that really didn't feel short to watch. I enjoyed it for the most part but was left with a very bad taste in my mouth at the end, despite the fact that it has a happy ending.

    8/10 The animation was excellent in my book, the story and characters were believable, and even though it left me feeling a little crappy I can't think of any major problems with it.
    -wikipedia link-

    Ichigo 100
    Typical high school romantic drama with a love triangle. I knew what it was going in, so I'm not going to hark on it for that. However, I'm going to complain about the unfinished ending. Like His And Her Circumstances it just ends without any conclusion of any kind. As I understand it the manga this is based on didn't really conclude either. :/

    4/10 The 4 doesn't mean it was horrible, it just means there really wasn't anything special about it and the way it ended just brought it down more.
    -wikipedia link-
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    Re: Anime you just finished watching

    I just finished watching "5 Centimeters Per Second"
    Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of life
    Format: OVA
    Synopsis: 3-part OVA, revolving around the growth of three characters shown through each of their own perspective.
    Also subtitled "a chain of short stories about their distance."
    Rating: 9/10
    Review: First off, this film is directed by Makoto Shinkai who also directed "Voices of a distant star", though I like all of his work by far this is my favorite.What engaged me more is how normal the characters are and the situation that they are in. Unlike the other titles Shinkai made, this is more realistically depicted and so viewers can easily relate to. The story is simple yet very touching, no twists and turn but focuses on the theme entirely. As the story progresses, uncontrollable events occur and the characters develop as they struggle to cope with reality. As for animation, very detailed, vibrant colors and beautifully drawn background, I give it a 10/10. Even the song at the end is really fitting to the movie.
    There is no question that this anime is deep. And "normal" as it may be this one is surely not bland nor is it mushy or melodramatic as some anime of the same genre are. Overall, Highly recommended.

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