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Thread: Anime You Share

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    Re: Anime You Share

    In my group of friends(about 6 ppl) i was the first one who started watch anime and show to them, well 4 of them like it and started to watch it as well, but we dont try watch together i dont know why, but i do remember once when my father was alive he came back from work and I was watchig DBZ with my mom next to me doing something, and my dad did sit and started to watch with me, he got interested and started to ask me things like; who is that? wht does he?? who is the most powerful??GEEZ so many questions!!! I said, Dad come on!!!! if you really want to know all that start to watch it from the beginning...well he and my mom started to watch DB then DBZ and days after that they came to me like; "Young lady, you grounded!!" and the reason was; "you have been watching violent staff"...well i never showed him the kind staff i really liked not even to my mother....

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    Re: Anime You Share

    As much as I hate to admit it I'll always remember watching Kare Kano with my ex. I remember being so into it with her that we would stop the tape periodically and have long drawn out dicussions about character development, motivation, etc. in retrospect the anime is pretty shallow in relation to the manga and I'm not sure how we managed to keep it up.

    Second best sharing moment would be my mom watching Grave of Fireflies with me, despite the fact that she believes that all Japanese are two faced and that they killed my grandfather during their occupation of Korea, she wept at the right parts and thorougly enjoyed the flick.

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    Re: Anime You Share

    Quote Originally Posted by Kouzuki Kallen View Post
    ummmmmm......i'm so sad......i have a very good friend that she is the only person can talk anime with me........but i leave my country, so now i don't have anyone can watch anime with me.........why i can't find some anime fan in my school????
    well the same here (no fans of anime around) i have one and only one friend that likes anime ... we're(i [my family] and him) maybe the only anime fans in the entire city or even my entire country ... it's a sad fact but true ..
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    Re: Anime You Share

    I remembered someone
    whom I used
    to watch anime with, its
    my classmate whos also
    fond of anime...

    We're watching Ouaran HS Host Club
    that time, the episode where
    Haruhi and Host club went to an Island
    (I dont remeber it), and then Kyouya tried to
    make some nasty things to haruhi(but its just
    to test haruhi)... We jumped right in the
    sofa because of excitement maybe? and
    bumped our heads together..
    we looked so funny that time...ahahahaha...

    "Bring salvation to akuma's soul."

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    Re: Anime You Share

    None of my friends are too into anime. They watch it from time to time rarely ever keeping up with it. I have a few online friends to discuss anime with me but that is about it.
    The good side though is that the few times I have managed to get someone to watch anime it was annoying...asked too many questions. I barely caught got what was going on myself.
    But I suppose I am just being negative, rather than seeing it as someone trying to get into the series.

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    Re: Anime You Share

    I've watched so many with my brother that we're the anime nerds in the family. I think the ones that were the most fun to watch with him were Fruits Basket, Basilisk, and Gunslingergirls. They were fun because we were so into them and we couldn't stop watching them. I swear with those animes we usually stayed up 'til two in the morning watching them. Right now were watching cowboy beebop again. Man, it's a party.
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