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Thread: another favorites thread

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    another favorites thread

    Name the anime that made you mad. Mad that you hadn't found it sooner! The anime that you compare all other animes too...the standard of perfection!

    Wolf's Rain

    A philosophical allegory on the human condition that managed not to be either preachy or obvious. The characters were imperfect with realistic emotions. They acted believably according to their personalities, yet underwent many changes in attitude throughout the story. Even the "bad guy" was sympathizable. The ending was perfect. It left just enough questions unanswered to keep you thinking about the story for a long time afterwards. And it's even better when watched the second time!

    Now name the anime that should have been all that and more...but instead it fizzle kadizzled!

    Neon genesis

    Don't get mad. Most of the series was repetitive. The interesting parts were too few and far between. The ending was scattered and felt rushed. Flashing words on the screen is not an acceptable way to get your message across, unless you are giving a powerpoint presentation.

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    Re: another favorites thread

    It makes me mad that even though I bought the whole boxed-set,I ended up not watching it until about a year later......oh well

    Final Fantasy Unlimited

    It is so offbeat,it's pretty refreshing to have something so unusual. It takes place in the same universe as the FF games,but whole new characters/story. Ai and Yu take a train ride,and end up in Wonderland(taken from the Alice in Wonderland,kinda) It's weird and amazing,and dangerous all at once. If you like anime,and Alice in Wonderland you should probably definitely view this one. But I hated the ending!,but I won't put spoilers....=^.^=

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    Re: another favorites thread

    Another favorite thread gets closed because a non community member FAILED to read the rules, otherwise they would have known that favorite threads can only be started by Community members or higher.

    And its "Neon Genesis Evangelion" "Evangelion" or NGE, or not at all

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