I'm not really fond of announcing new and upcoming stuff but not this time.

Though i'm not really sure about the date, a new Mazinger anime series is comin' to town. It is stated that this new Mazinger series will be based off the Z Mazinger manga that ran during the late 90s which happens to be a retelling of the classic Mazinger Z story hodge-podged with Greek Mythology. I'm not sure if all the characters of the classic Mazinger series will reappear but we'll still have our good old buddies Koji and Tetsuya around.

The show will offer stuff for both the older and modern audience. A more modern design for the mechas and rumors of new attacks definitely gives the fans something to be excited about.

Go Nagai rules...

Is there anybody here like me -mecha fan or not- who's also excited to see the Japanese Icon back?