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Thread: Any good on?

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    Any good on?

    Seen any good shoujo animes lately? Or any thing good on that matter.. I just finshed watching Stellvia and Azumanga Daioh... Stellvia was boring but the characters weren't that bad... and Azumanga Daioh, I think, is one of the better high school drama type animes.. that just my opinion though..

    Hey, I want to start watching Kiddy Grade, is it any good..
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    Re: Any good on?

    Nana is probably one of the better shoujo/romance anime this year. Down to earth storyline, its not your typical romance anime.

    On board the train to Tokyo to meet her boyfriend Shoji, Nana Komatsu ("Hachi") happened to sit beside Nana Osaki who was traveling to Tokyo to fulfill her dreams of becoming a musician. The vocalist for her punk band "Blast", Nana aims for a major debut for "Blast" in Tokyo where her boyfriend, Ren, is the guitarist for a popular band "Trapnest". Sharing the same name "Nana", both girls quickly form a bond of friendship. Their paths cross again when they encounter each other while searching for accomodation in Tokyo. Eventually they decide to live together in the same unit and this further strengthens their bond as the two "Nana(s)" go through their love lives and career.

    As for Kiddy Grade, it is 50/50. I know people that liked it and people that hate it. Kiddy Grade is my personal favourite. During its time it was the stylish anime I saw. People spaz about the fanservice, that disappears later on in the series. Theres gonna be a 2nd season coming out from what I heard. Give it try. Watch it pass ep. 10 or so. Thats where the story gets interesting.

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    Re: Any good on?

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    If you want to try something comepletly different, there's the tragic romance series known as 'SaiKano', (a.k.a. 'She the Ultimate Weapon') which is the shoujo equivalent to 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' VIZ Media website
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