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Thread: Any good Anime fan fictions out there?

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    Any good Anime fan fictions out there?

    I like to read fan fiction but whenever I find an anime fan fiction its usually full of poor grammar and poor spelling, or has unimaginative is it me or are the only people writing these fan fictions 11 year old's with a hyperactive imagination?

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    Re: Any good Anime fan fictions out there?

    I write fanfiction (some of my older ones on FFN are really bad though). I'd like to think their fairly good and if you're willing to read I'd love feedback/critiques!^^

    Good authors I know form FFN...
    AliasAurora she does FMA fics
    Lullabyes is really good she writes Blood+ M rated though
    MoonStarDutchess is a good FMA/Royai writer
    words without writes many different things
    Mycha does a variety of things
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