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Thread: Arakawa Hiromu

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    Arakawa Hiromu

    Yeah all you FMA fans should know who this is: The creator of FMA!!
    I'm putting up this thread to see what people think of her work.

    ...yes I said "her", apparently Arakawa Hiromu is a woman(I didn't know this till I read about her somewhere).

    Also I want to know if anyones read her first work on Shonen Gan-Gan called "Stray Dog"...
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    Re: Arakawa Hiromu

    I'm a big fan of FMA but I havent heard of the Stray dog yet...Thanks for this post but I knew it all along the she's a she...Well,sorry i couldnt help you w/ that work of hers...I only replied to this pst bcos its an fma talk,all fma talk will be recognized by me...

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