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Thread: avex star search 2009 - Submission Deadline Announced

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    avex star search 2009 - Submission Deadline Announced

    Submission deadline has been announced for avex Star Search 2009. If you are interested in auditioning for avex Star Search 2009, please sign up by WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2009. avex is looking for singers, dancers and models aged 13 to 24. Selected talent may sign a contract with avex and embark on a career as a performer in Asia.

    We are in the process of selecting audition cities based on the amount of submissions. For example, if we get a lot of sign ups from Dallas, TX we will have an audition in Dallas, TX this Fall.

    Sign up now
    avex Star Search

    For updates follow us at twitter
    avex (avexStarSearch) on Twitter

    Join our facebook group at
    avex Star Search | Facebook


    Jerry Yeh
    [email protected]

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    Re: avex star search 2009 - Submission Deadline Announced

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    This thread is news worthy enough to keep around...
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
    Rantings of a Grouchy Old Anime Otaku

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