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Thread: awsm anime speech/line/moments

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    Talking awsm anime speech/line/moments

    Post your most awsm, funniest, kicka** anime speeches/moments from an anime character!

    (I love when Genma (panda form) gets punched and then shows a board saying: "Love and Protect the Animals!" )

    There are lots, lots more, but i cant write them all, or remember so here i let you write your favourite or else that you remember

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    Re: awsm anime speech/line/moments

    strawberry marshmellow when the girls are playn the no talkn game with nothing but wrighting on boards and she draws a funny face(the annoying one) and shows it to her friend (the little sister), she starts to giggle but holds it in. funny stuff. But the best part is when she gives them the devil strike. omg its just funny you have to watch it to know what I mean. (the entire episode is actualy really funny.

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    Talking Re: awsm anime speech/line/moments

    i like all the parts in special a when tadashi ruins every emotional moment akira lands her foot in tadashi`s face

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    Re: awsm anime speech/line/moments

    Low quality post with zero discussion.

    Read the rules please.


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