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Thread: Aya Hirano - Stalked and Almost "Eaten"

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    Aya Hirano - Stalked and Almost "Eaten"

    Be warned, the link has some adult content on the sides.

    Otaku Stalk Aya Hirano: “Hunt Her Down & Bite Her Meat!” | Sankaku Complex

    You can tell me all the horrendous stories of the world and I wouldn't bat an eye, but do something like this to my favorite person in the world (Aya) and that's crossing the line.

    Now for my question: Are otakus where you live, or that you know, this obssessive AND what would you do if you saw an idol, doesn't have to be a seiyuu, treated in this manner?

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    Re: Aya Hirano - Stalked and Almost "Eaten"

    haha "grab her butt" to go to jail, not very ambitious now are we?

    I know there are obsessive fans everywhere, but I doubt they would actually get within yards of a celebrity. I mean don't they have bodyguards or something?

    I'll probably do nothing though, because if the person is famous enough he or she will have bodyguards. And if he/she's not famous enough for body guards I probably don't know the person so I'm not gonna stick my nose into it.

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    Re: Aya Hirano - Stalked and Almost "Eaten"

    *eyes twitching* (+_0) The nerve...but wait, I thought that real "otakus" were suppose to be afraid of real people, especially beautiful women.

    Anyways, I'm honestly not surprised for something like this happen. Idols/Celebrities are idols/celebrirites, its their "job" to gain attention and "admiration" of the people. Things like this happening is only natural. Besides, in this case Aya's staff should've been a little more cautious of what kind of information they give out. In a sense its like they were offering up a game of a "Treasure Hunt" for these creeps. But the nerves of these people to actually go out and "hunt" for Aya....a shame. Just let her be g'dammit.

    As for your question zyta, no one that I know, including myself, is THAT obsessive. At the most if we saw an idol/celebrity than we'd probably freak out amongst ourselves, maybe if it was someone that we were a real fan of we'd MAYBE try and get a signature or a photo taking while trying not to draw attention from others...which would be unlikely as we'd probably be completely star-stricken. LOLS

    Now on the other hand if we were to spot some other group doing things like that, we'd totally jump them.
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