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Thread: Battle B-Daman

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    Re: Battle B-Daman

    Quote Originally Posted by gamemaster331 View Post
    Truth be told, I thought this anime sucked. I got bored quickly with the plot line and it seemed like many of the other game animes that came out around that time.
    I agree with your short and sweet post, but then again, Battle B-Daman and its cohorts (the Crush Gears, the Beyblades, the Yu-Gi-Ohs, etc.) have been dominating the younger audience of anime...and those toys sell like pancakes. But based on what i've personally observed, (with the exception of B-Daman and Yu-Gi-Oh) those toys doesn't have enough staying power to stay on the mainstream after the show's hype dies down.

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    Re: Battle B-Daman

    I liked... it was a bit funny and interesting... everyone has a different taste of anime

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    Re: Battle B-Daman

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

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