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Thread: Berserk! New Season Rumors

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    Berserk! New Season Rumors

    Today I was wandering around some blog that I visit daily that are in Japanese and I came across a blog that mentions a supposed leak of a new season of Berserk and provides said leaked images, it also tells to take caution is believing the authenticity of the images. I then went across some of my English sites with the same things, a few of which even link back to the blog I found also.


    Blog: Ì¡²è ¡ØBERSERK -¥Ù¥ë¥»¥ë¥¯-¡Ù¤ËºÆÅÙ¥¢¥Ë¥á²½¤Î±½¤¬¡Ä¡ © - ¤É¤Ã¤«¤ÎÅ·ËâBLOG

    Now, I ask what do you think? Are these images really a leak of a new season of Berserk!? I for one do think that these images are genuine, that a new season is in the works, and that, if these images are indeed false, it may persuade the anime creators to make a new season anyways.

    The images in question have similarities to the original anime, but before that alone sways you, it is not that hard to replicate an artist's drawing style.

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    Re: Berserk! New Season Rumors

    no new season of berserk is being made, we all know that when a Japanese anime production decides to cancel and finish a anime, there's no way they will resurrect that berserk, or any other long ended anime..

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    Re: Berserk! New Season Rumors

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    If anything, these might be cut scenes from a 'Berserk' console game, as there's been talk about bringing a the new console game to the US market.
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    Re: Berserk! New Season Rumors

    If a new season of Berserk was in the works, I see no reason they would keep it secret. I do think they will resurrect it at some point, but probably not untill there is an end to the manga in sight. Then I think they might pull a FMA and just start over from the beginning and make it as close to the manga as they can.
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    Re: Berserk! New Season Rumors

    Unless they're starting it again as an OVA I doubt it'll be coming back. There were quite a few changes in transition from the Manga to Anime ie; Puck who was pictured; that too many inconsistancies would occure.

    It's a nice thought though. Cool if the same people who resurected Hellsing into Ultimate would get in on it...
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    Re: Berserk! New Season Rumors

    As much as I, and everyone else wants to believe this I don't. No one quitely resurrects a series.
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