I didn't see a section for this one, so I thought I'd start one.
I just finished Black Butler recently, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It was one of the best anime I've seen in a long time, I thought it was really neat how they would incorporate historical
situations and things of that sort in with the anime and give their own answer for the mysteries that a lot of society hasn't been able to answer.
I'd have to say my favorite characters were Sebastian ( of course lol) and the Undertaker, and Grell.
I also really liked the short cut scenes for food, I thought it was cool getting to see exactly what Ciel was eating.
Overall, at the end of the series I was extremely sad to see it end, though I was pleased with the ending.
I wish that it could've went on longer, as I think most of us do when an anime we love ends, but it was appropriate for it to end how and when it did.

Have you seen Black Butler?
What did you think of it?
Who were your favorite characters? Episodes?