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Thread: black cat

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    Re: black cat

    Quote Originally Posted by hinotachi96 View Post
    I likE Black Cat because it's a really adventure story and funny. Not really. But i like it. My favorite character is Train Heartnet,Eve and Saya. Yeah i like them so much!
    lol... seems to me ike you like all the main characters except the guy with the future seeing eye... (sorry forgot his name)


    Quote Originally Posted by Mortacxo View Post
    I wonder where he went after all the rucus, did he continiue as a stray one? no season 2?
    i do hope there's a season 2... i'm actually searching it in the net to fond out anything about it... but, oh well... no luck there...
    i'll choose to love whoever i wish to love and nobody can stop me from doing so ----

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    Re: black cat

    I love Black cat.
    The manga and the anime.
    Though, I am only in 2 vols in the anime...T___T
    Soon as I get 60 bucks, the box set is in my possetion although.

    I love how it can have such a heavy story line at some points, but such humor the next 30 seconds.
    Love the series. Worth it if you haven't read or watched it.

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