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Thread: Black Lagoon

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    Re: Black Lagoon

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    Try the manga, it's seriously serious good fun.
    Which one now, manga or anime? :P
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: Black Lagoon

    Quote Originally Posted by lapislazuli View Post
    Which one now, manga or anime? :P

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    Re: Black Lagoon

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Think of it as a darker, grittier, and much more violent version of 'Cowboy Bebop', it's that good!!!

    FUNimation trailers are located here...
    FUNimation Videos > Search Results
    Yes thank you so much! I'm about to check it out!>>lol

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    Re: Black Lagoon

    I love that show and I hear there is going to be a thired season.
    I love Revy she is awesome and her gun are so cool I have the same type but her's look way cooler.

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