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Thread: Blood +

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    Re: Blood +

    Quote Originally Posted by highteckdudu View Post
    Oh my gosh
     click to show spoiler
    well that just sums up what I know. I know more but i dont feel like getting in to grave detail.
    Crap. . . I wish I didn't read that. . . I haven't finished the series yet. . .

    I can say that I'm a fan of the show. My favorite character, would have to be Moses. Of the original Chif. He's cool, and he also wields a Scythe. Yay. . .

    A big thanks to Renn for the sig! THANK YOU!

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    Re: Blood +

    shadowrulz: Yeah i love spoilers, i put that just in case, but now you have to live with knowing LOL! Oh well try and finish it though its good!
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!

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    Re: Blood +

    For those of you who don't know, Blood + is a spin-off of the movie "Blood: The Last Vampire" which came out in 2000, I believe. All I know is I own the movie and it's friggin' fantastic. So, when I stumbled upon Blood + on Adult_Swim I was excited. ^_^

    I've missed a few episodes here and there, but I follow to the best of my ability. For those of you who are interested in Blood: The Last Vampire, I'm sure YouTube may have it for you to watch. Oh! And Google Video--last time I checked--has a bunch of episodes you can download for iPod and PSP; totally free!! Just type this in the search bar " blood +" (without quotations of course) ^_^Google Video

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    Re: Blood +

    i completely love the show my fav is Saya though because she is so dark and myserious and i think Diva is think diva is kinda creepy she's so childish but so sadistic

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    Re: Blood +

    blood + is one of the best animes i have ever watch all the characters are simply amasing to watch and the story line is fantastic

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    Re: Blood +

    so how did saea died i mean i saw her die and then she got put in the tomb thing put she fell over and i dont know how she died
    the one and only show that rocks my socks
    the one show that i cant live
    with out.

    soul society will live on forever in the minds of its poeple!!!

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    Re: Blood +

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